The bad news is you lose almost 20 percent of your energy bill only to roof insulation. The good news, people of Sugarland, is that we are here to take care of it and more. Be it attic insulation, wall insulation, the basement that you want to insulate, or some random corner of your home or office, we have a solution for these expensive energy losses. Among the things you need to know are the ways in which a home or office loses heat, the ways in which insulation can help, and the different types of insulation that we offer.

Ways in which your home or office loses heat:

  • A badly insulated attic leads to heat escaping from the roof.
  • Holes and gaps in the walls that cause heat loss.
  • Wrong insulation methods used; so, you have insulated the place, but there is a better way to do it. Leave that to us.

The difference insulation makes:

  • You save over 20% of your energy bill, provided you have adequate roof insulation.
  • The cost of heating and cooling reduces by forty percent.

Types of Insulation

While there will be investments in regards to installing insulation, they will pay themselves off in just a few years. There are three popular methods of installation. For attic insulation, you can use batts. Batts come in two forms: cotton and fiberglass. Batts are pretty large and are not the best choice when it comes to insulating cramped spaces. This is where you use blown insulations. Either fiberglass or cellulose can be used and they usually cover all the spaces properly, thus ensuring that you get your money’s worth. We also offer the very popular foam insulation spray. Used primarily for small spaces, foam insulation is very easy to install and is incredibly fast too.

Making sure you have proper attic insulation ensures that you get a huge chunk of savings when it comes to your energy bill and at the same time turning your home more ‘green’. These one-time updates can have lasting effects for your home.

Your Attic Insulation Specialists

Our goal, meanwhile, remains to serve to you to the best of our abilities. Customer satisfaction is what we seek and strive for so make sure you let us know of your installation needs and we will see to it that it is taken well care of by our professional and passionate team.

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