July 25th, 2018

Carpet Cleaning Tips Just in Time for Your Big Summer Cleaning

When most people purchase a new carpet, the goal is for it to serve you well for many years and look great as long as possible. Getting the most out of carpets requires routine cleaning for the life of your floor covering. Proper maintenance will keep carpets looking great, extend longevity and freshen the smell. After a long winter of closed windows and more time indoors, summer is prime time to revive and restore your carpets. Follow these tips to keep your carpets in tip-top shape:


Your vacuum is the first line of defense against dust, dander, dirt, and debris. Vacuuming should be performed regularly to keep your carpets fresh. If you own furry animals, it is reasonable to clean your carpets once a day. When particles get deep into carpet fibers this can cause permanent damage. Also, don’t neglect your upholstery while you are vacuuming. Your furniture is susceptible to the same type of damage as your carpets.

Stain Removal

It is best to handle stains right away, although there are times this isn’t possible. If mud gets tracked on the carpet, it easier to lift after it has dried. In many cases, DIY solutions are better options then commercial cleaning agents. Sometimes a baby wipe is all you need to remove a fresh stain. For set in spots, try mixing a stain remover at home with baking powder and vinegar. Be careful with upholstery, some fabrics can be easily damaged by certain cleaning agents. For a severely stained carpet, the best option is to get Service Express in Pearland, TX to eliminate it. The experienced professionals will safely and efficiently clean your carpet and upholstery and lift stubborn stains.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Service Express uses several professional carpet cleaning methods including steam cleaning, shampoo techniques, and dry-cleaning when needed. Don’t be deterred by service costs, the initial investment will save you month over the long run


Industrial strength rug shampoo creates a foam, like a shampoo you use on your hair. Although the chemicals are strong, your Service Express technician has the training and skill to know what is safe to use on your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

The most popular and effective type of carpet maintenance is steam cleaning. A fine, hot mist is used to loosen dirt and debris which gets suctioned away with a vacuum. Steam cleaning is safe for your carpet fibers and it dries quickly. Since no dirt or allergens are dispersed into the air, this is the healthiest carpet cleaning method.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning a carpet involves removing contaminants without water. The absorbent compound removes dirt, debris, and allergens that get vacuumed up. Although the chemical agents are harsh, this is the best method for some carpet materials.

Summer is a great time to clean your carpets or any time it needs to get done. Consider these tips or hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job right without any hassles.

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