February 5th, 2018

How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

You’ve probably seen all over the news, but we are having the worst cold and flu season recorded in the last decade. While vaccinations can be a great way to avoid coming down with an illness, there are additional steps you should take to try and ensure your family stays safe and healthy this year. Wondering what exactly you need to do to reduce the risk of cold or flu transmission? Follow along!

Household Cleaning for Cold/Flu Prevention

When it comes to cleaning your home to prevent the transmission of illness, some may think you need to bleach the entire house or spray everything with Lysol, this, however, is not the case. Think about the items that are frequently used around your home, things that are shared are much more likely to spread germs.


Our phones (especially mobile ones) are something we pretty much use on a constant basis. But did you know they are covered in germs? Think about it, when is the last time you “washed” your phone? Probably never! If anyone in your home has come down with a cold or the flu, be sure to disinfect any phone they may use or touch as often as possible.

Remote Controls

This is another frequently used item in most households that has probably never been clean. Anytime someone sneezes or coughs without washing their hands they are most likely transferring these germs right to your remote! Try to wipe down remote controls daily if anyone in your home has been sick.


Unless everyone in your home has their own personal computer, chances are germs will get transferred quite a bit here too! Although we don’t recommend spraying any cleaners directly on your computer, disinfecting wipes can be a great option to quickly make sure any germs are gone before use.


When it comes to cleaning our hands, the most frequent method is using your sink. However how often do you clean your faucets? When someone is sick in your home, be sure to clean down faucets at least every day or have them use a specific sink.

Along with cleaning your home adequately while someone is sick, it is important to make sure everyone is washing their hands frequently! This can help prevent the spread of germs to other places in your home, reducing your chances of catching it as well!

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