July 12th, 2016

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to maintain a perfect organized, immaculately clean home? Some folks keep things tidy even with children and pets roaming around. People who know how to maintain a clean house tend to consistently practice the same habits.


How to keep your house clean

Practicing the following habits will make it easy to keep your house clean:

Promptly put away clothes

  • Once you take off your clothes, immediately put them away or place them in a laundry hamper. Don’t toss them over a chair or on the floor. It is less time consuming to put clothes where they belong as you go as opposed to having to pick up a mess at the end of the week. It also makes it easier to locate specific items like matching socks or your favorite blouse.

Get rid of clutter to keep a clean home

  • Simplify your life by only keeping the things you use and need and discarding the rest. This can be tough at first, but once you get started the process can be liberating. Clean out your attic and basement get rid of old toys and clothes. You may discover you have many duplicate items such as an overabundance of Christmas lights.

File paper immediately

  • Sort paper immediately instead of letting them accumulate in piles around the house. File bills in one place before they are paid and another for afterward. Put coupons, menus, and other miscellaneous papers in an easy to access location. Shred and discard everything you don’t need regularly.

Promptly clean surfaces after use

  • After you cook, prepare food, apply makeup, shave or anything you may do, always wipe the surface after use. Make it a habit to keep sinks, counters and stove top clean and free of buildup. This only takes seconds of your time and makes a big difference.

Don’t use your bed as storage area

  • Some people always have items on their beds. It can be a habit to toss clothes, mail, readingmaterial or other objects in the sleeping area and leave it there. Practice putting all items in their proper place on the spot and keep the bed clean, and neatly made. When the bed it tidy, the whole room appears clean.

Clean up dirty dishes

  • A messy kitchen sink full of dirty dishes is a big no-no. Leaving dirty dishes lying around the house is another very bad habit. If you are not going to wash them right away, simply rinse them after use and place them in the dishwasher.
  • Run the washer at the end of each day. Clean soiled pots and pans immediately and store properly out of sight. Your kitchen will look clean, organized and ready for use.

Vacuum regularly and remove dust

  • This holds true for everyone keeping a clean house, but pet owners should vacuum even more often, if not daily. Otherwise vacuuming and dusting once or twice a week should be enough to keep your house clean and dust-free.






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