July 26th, 2016

Homeowners need to perform regular maintenance, most importantly air duct cleaning, on their HVAC systems. Room temperature is regulated through the passage of either hot or cool air that passes through these air ducts.

It is common for air duct problems to arise and many homeowners don’t know how to correct such issues.  Five of the top occurring air duct issues are listed below, along with solutions on how to get your HVAC system running properly again.

Common reasons why you experience issues with your HVAC ductwork

  • Air leak:

    Loose or misaligned ductwork connections, or ducts that have not been properly sealed can lead to air leakage. It is imperative that ducts be correctly sealed at the registers and grills to avoid this issue. Escaping air leads to energy loss and can allow harmful gases to enter your HVAC system. Signs to look out for are stifling air, uneven temperatures, and higher than normal energy bills.

  • Soiled ducts:

    HVAC air filters work to rid the air supply system of impurities, but this process isn’t perfect. The slightest gap will result in contaminants being sucking into the ducts. It is not uncommon to find dust, pollen, dead bugs, cobwebs, and other impurities inside your system, compromising your air quality and health. It has been estimated that the quality of indoor air is much worse than the air we breathe outside. This is why regular professional air duct cleaning is so important.

  • Airflow restrictions:

    If the air is not flowing efficiently through the air duct system, conditioned air won’t be delivered properly. The HVAC will be forced to use more energy to work harder. This can result in high energy costs, more frequent breakdowns, and a shorter system lifespan. Restricted air flow is often caused by kinked, twisted, crushed or torn ducts. Ductwork should always be installed by HVAC professionals. Roofing or electrical contractors need to stay away from ductwork.

  • Not energy efficient:

    If the air ducts are poorly insulated a lot of energy can be lost. In the summer months, cool air in the ductwork may absorb heat as it moves to its destination. But, this warmer air being transported in the winter may lose energy to the much colder surroundings if the ducts are not insulated well. Proper insulation will solve this problem. A good air duct cleaning service can also help remove impurities and increase efficiency.

  • Bad system design:

    A poorly designed HVAC system can cause huge inefficiencies. If it is too large it will lead to a huge amount of energy loss. If the HVAC is too small, it will be forced to work too hard to control temperatures. A larger area typically needs a higher capacity system and vice versa. It is high recommended that a professional HVAC contractor is used to create and install the best system for your space, and perform regular air duct cleaning services.

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