January 27th, 2017


Super Bowl Sunday is a popular event in which millions of Americans across the country flock to the TVs in their den or living room to watch their favorite pastime. It’s the time of year when families and friends get together for Super Bowl parties to cheer on their favorite team and celebrate the occasion within the comforts of the home. However, getting a home ready for a Super Bowl party can seem quite daunting, especially if you want your home to look presentable and be comfortable for the many people you’re expecting. Are you hosting a Super Bowl watch party this year? Here are a few easy ways you can get your home ready for guests:

Organizing Rooms

The first step to getting your home ready for a Super Bowl watch party is to organize the rooms in which your guests will be frequenting. This will likely include the living room or den, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Set up a game plan as to how you want your party organized. For example, do you want the food to be accessible only from the kitchen or dining room, or within reach near the TV? Check the layout of the room where everyone will be watching the game and determine if you may need extra seating, or need to move around furniture to accommodate room. This will all depend on the number of guests you’re expecting. Check out the area around the door, too. If you’re expecting a lot of guests, you may need to set aside a designated area for people to leave their shoes, keys, jackets, etc. so they don’t end up lost or create clutter during the festivities.

Prepping the Kitchen

Because the Super Bowl is an event in which many people eat plenty of food and snacks throughout, it’s important that you prepare your kitchen too. Make sure all the counter tops are cleaned off and leave utensils and napkins in a place where guests can easily find them if they’re needed, like in baskets, caddies, or other types of organizers. Even if you’re planning to leave the food outside of the kitchen that’s somewhere closer to the viewing area, the same tip applies.

Stock Up on Supplies

With large get-togethers often comes messes. Make sure you’re stocked up on cleaning supplies such as paper towels, soap, carpet cleaner, etc. so that you’re ready in the event a spill occurs. If you have carpet flooring, the quicker you’re able to remove a stain, the higher the chances that it will not settle into your carpeting and cause a more permanent stain.

If you experience any stains that you can’t seem to effectively remove after the festivities are over, give our Service Express technicians a call for a professional carpet cleaning. We can help eliminate those more difficult stains and debris from tracked in dirt so your carpet looks brand new again!

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