September 14th, 2017

Houston, Is Your A/C Ready for Next Summer?

So we’ve nearly made it through another Houston summer. This season is always a challenge to manage around these parts, but even more so this year for many people because of Hurricane Harvey. As we recover and prepare for the new season, make sure that your air conditioning system is up to scratch.

Air Conditioning Installation Services

A properly-working central air conditioning system is essential if you live in Houston or its surrounding areas, not just to manage the brutal heat of our summers, but also the finicky temperatures throughout the rest of the year. Service Express is proud to provide AC unit installation and repair services for your home. Of course, you’ll want it done the right way, so you can have confidence in our trained experts who’ll guarantee a proper installation or you can count on your money back.

Why Go Professional?

First off, installing an AC system is a complicated process, consisting of measuring, compatibility issues, and many other details that could prove to be a headache. Let us worry about the technical stuff – it’s what we do!

Secondly, improper installation could have bigger consequences than you might expect. Not only could you have a system that doesn’t do what’s expected of it, but you could have other AC maintenance problems down the line as well, like increased cooling costs or leaks.

Finally, with Service Express, you’ll get a guarantee that goes with the installation. If you experience problems with your air conditioner after our installation, we’ll make the repairs. On the other hand, if you end up doing it yourself and make a mistake, you’re on your own.

Ready to Have Us Install Your AC Unit?

Set up a consultation through our website. We’ll give you an idea of what the plan will be for installation and the cost before we proceed. The installation itself will be as quick and painless as possible for you. We’ll handle everything, from placement to sealing, and make sure that you know how to work your system and that it’s running smoothly before we leave. We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with your new system that we offer a money-back guarantee!

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