January 18th, 2016

A bedroom is the place where people spend most of their time. We begin and end our days there, so it goes without a question that bedrooms must always be kept as clean as possible. However, the amount of time spent in that room usually determines the amount of dirt and dust that room can accumulate.


Nonetheless, by following a few simple steps, it can be easy to have a tidy bedroom:

  • Basics

Don’t make a mess of the room. Store your clothes, books and accessories in their proper place before leaving the room to start the day. Keep the windows open during the day to let air ventilate around the room. Vacuum the most used spots of the bed. Use a piece of cloth to wipe the gathering dust off the chairs. Ensure that the bed sheets are thoroughly washed at least once every two weeks.

  • Mattresses

Musty mattresses can be fixed by using half a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and warm water. Soak up the solution in a sponge and use the resulting froth to wipe the spoiled portions. Apply this method on one side at a time, giving enough time for a side to dry before moving on to the other.

  • Headboard

After dusting the upper and lower portions of the bed, especially the headboard and the footboard, use a damp rag and apply lemon oil. Rub gently while not tarnishing the polish. A liquid abrasive can be used for laminated surfaces. A dedicated wipe can restore the lost shine of the wood.

  • Computer

Usually situated in the bedroom, PCs can be a pain to clean. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the monitor screen. An all-purpose wipe can disinfect the keyboard, while toothpicks can get in between the narrow spaces of the keys and remove dust. A yellow-felt duster can achieve the same result too.

  • Curtains

Curtains are very hard to manage as far as cleaning is concerned. Since certain wool and cotton fiber curtains can shrink when washed, it is a good idea to simply vacuum them. Professional methods such as steam cleaning and ultraviolet radiation are more effective, but it is best to consult cleaning services for them.

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