December 12th, 2016

On average, carpets typically get replaced every 6-7 years. This is after years of constant foot traffic, dirt and dust accumulation, irremovable stains, as well as physical wear and damage. Replacing the carpet can be costly and time-consuming, but you can avoid this whole process simply by taking care and maintaining your home’s carpet the proper way. Following these tips can make your carpet last much longer than it should:

  1. Leave the dirt outside.

Did you know that tests have shown that it takes about 17 steps before the soles of your shoes are free from debris? When you walk inside with your shoes on, you’re bringing in particles of dirt, soil, grime, and even animal feces that comes from outside. These particles eventually move from the surface of your carpet, down to the carpet’s backing, wearing down on the fibers that help hold the carpet together.

Leaving your shoes outside or at the door as soon as you walk into your home can drastically cut down on the numberof particles that can get tracked into the carpet. Investing in an outdoor and indoor door mat will also help reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked into your home.

  1. Vacuum, and vacuum again.

Carpets are capable of holding on to dust and dirt for a long time if left alone. This dust can be re-introduced into the home’s environment as people walk on the carpet, essentially “kicking up dust.” As a result, the dust gets into the air—which can affect those with allergies. To make your carpet last longer, and have cleaner air, we recommend that you vacuum at least once every week. If you have an active family, or pets in the house, you should vacuum at least 2-3 times a week. While you’re vacuuming, make sure you’re paying special attention to high foot-traffic areas; slowly pass through at least 4-6 times with the vacuum in these places.

  1. Clean stains as soon as they happen.

If you get to a stain on your carpet immediately after it occurs, the chances are that you will likely be able to remove it. The longer you allow a stain to sit, the longer it has to chemically react with the carpet, making it more difficult to remove later.

As soon as you notice a spill or stain, use a clean, white cloth to absorb it. Afterward, gently workwater into the stain with a damp white towel while blotting. If you realize that you have a tougher stain, try using a vinegar and water solution or club soda before resorting to strong cleaning products.

  1. Give us a call to professionally clean your carpets.

Finally, make sure you call Service Express so we can professionally deep clean and steam your carpet at least once a year. Our carpet cleaning process will extract the dirt and grime that has been embedded into your carpet as well as eliminate bacteria and dust mites.

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