March 31st, 2016
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Any carpeted home most likely shows discoloration over time. With kids and pets to consider, it is best to reduce stains and control odor using non-toxic ingredients. Trade in your old cleaners for products you may already have in your cabinet.


To control odor simply sprinkle baking soda across your carpet. For more advanced odor control, mix a few drops of lavender oil or cloves to the baking soda. Let the powder set for at least 30 minutes then vacuum.

For stain removal, use the following products and steps:

Soak up the spill with a clean, dry cloth. Use a mixture of water and distilled white vinegar to blot the stain. Allow to sit for 15 minutes then blot with a damp towel.

Red Wine
Either blot immediately and repeatedly with a clean, absorbent cloth or sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the wet red wine stain. The salt will absorb some of the wine. Vacuum.

Sprinkle corn starch on the stain. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Vacuum. If necessary, repeat the process until the grease stain is gone.

Diaper cream
Scrape up as much cream as possible. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let sit for at least 30 minutes and then vacuum.
Dab the spot with a damp lint-free cloth and a drop of dishwashing liquid. Rinse the cloth and go over the area again, until the diaper cream stain is gone.
Repeat first step.

Urine stains
Use a thick towel; apply pressure, to absorb the urine. If the stain is dry, dilute it with lukewarm water.
Apply a pet urine detergent to the area. Rinse with lukewarm water.
Mix a half cup of white vinegar with a half cup of water and sprinkle a pinch of baking soda to the spot to help remove any remaining smells and detergent residues.

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