October 31st, 2018

When it comes to cleaning your home, we often discuss spring cleaning, but what about those winter months? When it comes to air quality, the winter months tend to be the worst for homeowners. At Service Express, we recommend ensuring that your indoor air quality is as good as possible as it can reduce allergies and other illnesses.

Winter Air Quality

When it comes to air quality in a home, it can often be much worse during the winter. This is actually due to the fact that during winter we tend to keep our homes more closed off, in an attempt to keep them warm. When we close off our homes, leaving our windows and doors closed more often, dust and other debris can build within the home. Winter months also tend to lead to an increase in visitors, adding additional dust and debris that wouldn’t typically be in the home.

Keeping Air Clean

Wondering how exactly you can keep your air cleaner during the winter months? We recommend investing in doormats and cleaning feet prior to entering your home, vacuuming more often than usual, cleaning your window treatments and utilizing wet dusting instead of dry dusting. Along with these things you can do on your own, we also recommend scheduling professional air duct cleaning in Texas, this can remove any additional dust and debris that may be trapped in your air ducts.

Making sure to clean any fabrics is also important, furniture such as couches and chairs can harbor quite a bit of dust, allowing it to continue to circulate in your home. Carpets are another area notorious for trapping dust and debris, Service Express would be happy to assist with that as well. Just schedule your residential cleaning with Service Express today!

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