May 15th, 2017

Most homeowners are always looking for ways to lower heating and cooling costs. It has been estimated that about 44 percent of the energy used in the average U.S. home goes toward heating or cooling. The good news is that between 10 and 50 percent of homeowner’s heating bills can be reduced by adding certain types of insulation in the home.

Attic Insulation

One of the most cost effective types of insulation you can add to your home is attic insulation. The best attic insulation can help reduce energy costs by locking in cool air during the summer months while keeping the outside heat out. Homeowners may lower energy expenses by 25 percent or more, just by adding attic insulation.

Best Insulation for Attics

There are different types of insulation available for use in the attic; each style comes with pros and cons:

  • Blown-In Fiberglass or Cellulose Insulation – Blown-in attic insulation is crafted from fiberglass or recycled paper materials that have been processed and condensed into small pieces. This compact matter is then sprayed in a thick layer inside attics. This type of insulation seeps into corners, cracks, and hard to reach crevices.
  • One of the downfalls of this choice of attic insulation is that is water can penetrate it. This material is spongy and absorbent, so if it gets wet, it stays wet. This means, if you get water in your attic with blown-in insulation, you are likely to end up with harmful mold and mildew.

  • Roll or Batt Insulation – Batt insulation is typically displayed in large rolls or placed in large sheets. This type of attic insulation can be installed along the walls to act as a shield against heat transfer. Batt works well at covering large spaces.
  • Much like blown-in insulation, batt is water absorbent. Also, if not installed properly, this type attic insulation may leave holes or gaps in sheets. These spaces can allow the energy transfer you are trying to prevent and reduce energy efficiency.

    Spray Foam Attic Insulation – Spray foam is the best attic insulation method available. This innovative type of insulation is crafted by a chemical reaction between two composite materials that expand when combined. This far-reaching material naturally seals holes, cracks, and crevices better than all other types of attic insulation. Also, spray foam is water resistant and offers added protection against pest infestations.

At Service Express, we offer spray foam insulation to best protect the home against the fluctuating Houston weather. If you’re interested in insulating your attic, book an appointment with our Service Express technicians today!

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