December 5th, 2015
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If your furniture pieces have dust on them, more specifically a light brownish layer, then that is a sign to clean your AVI duct system. People often forget about the maintenance that is required and live in an environment plagued by dust and circulation of germs without realizing. If you can detect the dirt and really feel like you should clean the AVI system properly, then you must follow some simple steps.


First, you need to determine if your Air duct system really needs some work. According to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) a house with more than 4 rooms, especially houses with 5 to 6 rooms in particular, collect a ton of dirt, which creates an unhealthy environment to live in.

This provides the perfect place for fungal and bacterial cells to be born and to reproduce rapidly. Thus, your indoors can be more polluted than the outdoors in such cases. If the system stops working properly, it will affect you and your family’s health. In this case, you need to contact the duct cleaning services so that they can provide you with proper suggestions and feedbacks about what should be done.

These services always require experts and the right equipment to clean up the whole air duct system by using heavy machines, good brushes to clean up the internal areas, to suck out the dirt or any sort of debris stuck up in there by vacuum suction. Fixing these issues will help your air duct system to function longer and better.

This is typically a complicated process if the cleaning service is not carried out properly. Such will result in creating blockage or totally stopping the whole ventilation system. While contacting the cleaning services you should research a bit more about the whole procedure; read reviews on the internet and consider the cost as well. After all, the cleaning system also brings heat and some suction for your wallet to bear.

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$74 Air Duct Cleaning with unlimited vents and returns up to one system