Are all your tiles looking like they have got a really bad tan? The colours have gone really pale and the tiles look lifeless and ugly? Well, it’s time to do some cleaning then isn’t it? But that sounds easier than it really is. You don’t want to spend your valuable time and effort cleaning your home or office premises. Don’t worry; help is here.

There could be many reasons behind the discolouring of your tiles and grout. Various spills, dirt and dust getting entangled between the tiles, improper and irregular cleaning, the list could go on. Our services are at hand though. Now you can use everyday regular solutions for cleaning, mopping and rubbing tile by tile – but that will be extremely tiring and time consuming. Hand it over to us instead.

How we do it.

A solution is sprayed by our experienced team on the grout to break down any accumulated grease or oil derivatives. Using a grout brush we agitate the sprayed solution. Once this has been done, a high pressured steam is used to rinse off the solution. We then clean the tile and grout and once they have been thoroughly cleaned, we can seal the grout.

What we do.

We use Eco friendly tile and grout cleaning solutions and equipments that will make your premise look as good as new. Regardless of how tough the stains are, our equipments are well equipped to remove the dirt and stains for good. Among the services we proudly offer and are ready to do are, but not limited to, grout installation, grout cleaning, regrouting, grout sealing, natural stone restoration, caulking and recaulking.

Where we do it.

Anywhere. That is right. Be it your bedroom or toilet, office premises or classrooms, the shower or the kitchen, we will ensure that all your needs are well taken care of. It also doesn’t matter what type of material your tile is made of – whether it be marbles or granite or slates – we will take care of it and leave it the way you want it.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

There is one reason why we do what we do with so much passion – your satisfaction. We crave for it and we strive for it. Among the many services that we offer, cleaning your tile and grout is yet another service brought to the people of Houston.

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