March 14th, 2019

The tile flooring is one of the most common types of flooring used in households. Though they are quite aesthetically appealing, they are also one of the quickest to easiest to get dirty. It’s important to keep them clean regularly so that there is no build up of dirt which becomes hard to eliminate. Here’s a look at how to fight the dirt and stains on the floor and how to prevent the intense labor.

Tackling Tough Grout Stains

Grout is the combination of sand, cement, and water which is used for sealing the spaces between tiles and binding them together. The mixture is porous and absorbs liquid. This is the main reason why tiles get dirty. Any liquid is quickly soaked up by the white spaces between the tiles and once absorbed; the white space will appear dark and dirty. Even when you clean the floor, the tiles would appear dirty.

The cleaning tip for preventing the situation is to sweep the floor first before wiping so that the dirt and debris won’t become wet and lead to stains recommends cleaning experts in TX 77581. You can use a non-abrasive yet strong dual purpose tile and grout cleaner to remove scum, oil, and mildew. Hydrogen peroxide is used for lightening the stains by rubbing it in circular motions with a brush.

Keeping Your Tile Clean

The maintenance of the tile depends on the quality of the tile. Modern tiles are often made with a glazed finish for protecting the stone under it. It’s important to get your tiles glazed to increase their longevity. Granite stone has high porosity and it gets stained easily. Porcelain can be a great choice as it is quite dense and unlikely to stain.

How to Maintain Tile and Grout

Basic maintenance is the key for keeping them clean. You can make it a habit to sweep and vacuum the tiles and grouts regularly for preventing the dirt and debris. Clean any liquid spill as soon as possible. Use brushes r sponges that are form enough to loosen the dirt.

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