March 30th, 2017

Finally finished with spring cleaning? Now that you’re on to the next step: Making your home smell and feel like spring! There’s plenty of ways you can welcome the spring season into your home; by following these tips, your home will be springing into the spring season in no time.

1.Bring Life into the Home

Houseplants are great pieces of décor for the home throughout the year, so why not integrate it even more during the spring? Better yet, try adding fresh blooms of flowers in decorative vases to give your home a fresh spring look and smell. They can even help improve the air quality!

2. Redecorate or Renovate Outdoor Space

Spring is a great time of year to make the most of the outdoor space outside of your home, like the patio or backyard area! If you find joy in gardening, try investing in some springtime plants to give the outside of your home a fresh look too.

3. Lighten the Load

In many states, it’s now springtime, but if you’ve been in Texas long enough, it’s almost summertime! Lighten up the thicker, heavier clothes, comforters, and blankets from winter around the house by replacing them with lighter, thinner alternatives. This is a great time to reorganize old winter belongings and have them placed in a convenient storage tote so you can easily get those things back out when winter comes around.

4.Bring on the Sunshine

Natural sunlight gives your home a new look, perfect for the spring season. But that’s not the only benefit letting in the sun has; taking advantage of the sunlight can also help you save on energy costs in the home too. And on top of regular air duct cleanings from our Service Express experts, you’ll really see the difference!

5. Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, give our Service Express experts a call for a professional carpet, tile, and grout, or air duct cleaning service! Our technicians will use the most advanced techniques and tools to give your carpet, tile, and air ducts a new, fresh look and smell. Book an appointment with us today!

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