November 16th, 2018

Dealing with water damage issues is no walk in the park. This is why our experienced team at Service Express in Pearland, Texas eagerly provide water damage repair services and education that can prepare you in the case of water damage. There are several technical terms which professionals will use while speaking with you about your residential or commercial building. We have compiled a few basic phrases that are useful to know. Continue reading on to learn what category of water damage you have and see what you need to do to fix it.

Below are the three different categories of water damage:

  • Category 1 Water Loss. this type of water damage typically occurs from a bathtub or sink that overflowed or from an appliance that is leaking. The water is color and odor less. This does not contain any pathogenic agents, therefore it should not medically concern you or your family.
  • Category 2 Water Loss. A toilet that has overflowed will usually fall under this category. They water may be grey and have an odor. If this water spreads in your environment, then the individuals should have concern for being at risk of bacterial infections. This water may contain harmful microorganisms that need to be immediately removed.
  • Category 3 Water Loss. This category of water damage poses the most serious threat to individuals. The water will be black and have a bad odor while containing harmful bacteria and parasites that can travel to other parts of the home quickly. If this has happened in your home, then you and your family’s health is at risk. Immediate help is needed.

Typically, a category 1 water loss can be handled on your own if it is minor. However, if your home has been affected by a category 2 or 3, then we urge you to contact our Service Express team in Pearland, Texas right away for professional assistance. Our team works quickly and effectively to protect your family and home. Call us for a consultation today to see how our team can help you!

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