September 12th, 2018

What Does a Day Porter Do?

Day porters are a highly specialized position that help the building your business is in look great for guests, and toys, and customers. Day porters clean areas of your building throughout the day, making sure that the cleaning process is efficient and optimized, ensuring that everything is running the way it should. But take a look at other things that day porters do to make your building look beautiful.

Day Porters Have a Specialized Eye

Day porter services are not limited to the typical janitorial professional. Day porters have an eye for making buildings shine. Day porters are often an extension of your staff and a critical component of your team as they make the space in which you work best for your employees and your customers. But by having the day porter on-site, your cleaning and repair needs are addressed at a moment’s notice.

Day Porters Are True Professionals

Day porters are often chosen to fit for the position and the personality of your office. A professional and good day porter works in tune with your office to come to you with due diligence, including things like background checks, drug testing, and reference referrals.

Day Porters Extend the Hours that Your Business is Clean

At its most basic level, day porters keep your business clean for longer periods of time. Day porters are great when it comes to juggling their time and keeping things beautiful during the day, which is most important customers and employees come through. Day porters make sure that your entire facility is always supplied with paper towels, toilet paper, and clean bathrooms, and just about anything else that may be lacking in your office.

How Can We at Service Express Help You?

Our Pearland, TX, office can offer you a variety of services to make your home or business much more efficient and pleasant. These services include:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • A/C Installation

Give our local office near you a call today to schedule a consultation about day porters near you!

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