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Air pollution can aggravate allergies and contribute to lung disease, including respiratory tract infections, asthma and lung cancer (American Lung Association). So take the time to protect those closest to you and get Service Express to handle your air quality needs: clean living is just a call away.

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We specialize in Indoor Air Quality, air duct sanitization and cleaning, using the latest and most powerful industrial strength technology available today. We use HEPA negative filters and gas vacuums to clean your vents, returns, duct lines, and all main trunk lines up to the attic. Our sanitization process is according to the guidelines of NADCA and the EPA.

Service Express – Your Home Maintenance Specialists

Over time, different parts of your home will need regular maintenance in order to continue working efficiently and remain a clean and healthy environment for you and your family. No matter if it’s your dryer vents, air ducts, or carpet and tile, we will thoroughly clean these items for you so that your home stays at its best!

We are your company to call for any home maintenance needs including dryer vent cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, granite buffering, and attic insulation. We are the #1 rated best air duct cleaning company in ALL OF HOUSTON on Angie’s List.

Our employees are constantly requested to train and educate various members of the economic community including educating consultants, industrial hygienists, engineers and architects on the proper methods and techniques of cleaning ventilation systems, and in the assistance of investigating and resolving indoor air quality concerns. All of our technicians undergo complete training and are completely licensed, bonded, and insured. We are very honest and never cut corners in our work. We believe in the American people and wish to provide them with the highest quality of work while saving them money.

$74 Air Duct Cleaning with unlimited vents and returns up to one system

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