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Why Clean Your Houston Air Ducts?

  • To restore your home after fire or water damage
  • To reduce the possibility of a home fire
  • To lower energy costs
  • To eliminate allergy-causing agents
  • To eliminate musty odors

We Make Sure Your Home Has Clean Air!

Professional air duct cleaning in Houston is essential to have a safe, clean home environment.

At Service Express, we:

  • Provide you with the best air duct cleaning in Houston, TX by professionally and thoroughly cleaning your air duct system
  • Use industrial strength machines which suck out dirt, soot, mildew and other debris
  • Ensure such contaminants are removed from your home’s clean air supply
  • Guarantee the air quality you breathe in your lungs is clean, fresh, and free from toxins

Our Sanitization Process

Over time, various bacterial and fungal elements can grow in your air duct unit. Particles drawn into the air ducts also pass through fiberglass filters and infiltrate into HVAC equipment, which can greatly undermine their performance. These problems can lead to higher repair and maintenance costs.

With our AC duct cleaning process, we:

  • Completely disinfect, clean, and sterilize your AC unit from all forms of bacterial and fungal growth
  • Only use Green Non-Toxic and 100% Organic Chemicals that are safe for elders, pregnant women and those with weak immune systems

Sealing of Duct Lines

Air duct cleaning system that is well designed and properly sealed can make your home:

  • More comfortable, energy efficient, and safer
  • Have better indoor air quality
  • Less costly to live in by saving you money on repairs during the hot Houston, Texas summers