According to Consumer Product Safety and Commission’s Residential Fire Loss Estimates in 2002, nearly 16,700 of residential fires originated from the dryer vent. There were over 40 deaths and $85 million in property damage. The number of household fires due to the dryer vent is on the rise. Fortunately, this dangerous situation can be prevented by routinely cleaning your dryer vent system.

At Service Express, we are able to completely clean any sized dryer vent, with our professional dryer vent cleaning services, no matter if it’s commercial or residential. A service of dryer vent cleaning in Houston will reduce the risk of fires, and ensure that your dryer remains running at its best.

How We Clean Your Dryer Vent

We are able to clean any sort of dryer vent you may have, whether it is side by side, stacked on top, gas or electric; our technician will thoroughly inspect your dryer vent and complete the standard procedure. Our service technician will use air pressure and agitation tools along with the vacuum to clean out and suction the entire vent.

After the equipment has traveled the entire length of the vent, we’ll make sure to clean the entire connection piece and reattach your dryer while it is operating to make sure everything is working properly. It doesn’t matter how long your dryer vent is, we will make sure to clean it. We ensure complete safety and our service of dryer vent cleaning in Houston is definitely top notch.

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We guarantee that our experienced and trained technicians will get the job done with our state-of-the-art equipment for your complete satisfaction. For the best in professional dryer vent cleaning, Houston contact our Service Express Home Experts today!

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Isolated blue dryer vent hose

The Cost of Poor Dryer Maintenance


-Over heating which could lead to fire.

-Restricted airflow.

-Damage to dryer and delicate clothing.

-Higher electrical bill.

-Longer dryer times, with increased lint.