There are many good reasons behind your need to get your dryer vent cleaned regularly. But prior to you knowing those reasons, it is important for you to know what comprises a dryer vent. A dryer vent system is made of a lint trap, a dryer exhaust, a transition hose, a dryer vent elbow, exhaust and the dryer vent itself. Phew! With that aside, what is important to know is that all these parts can be covered with varying amounts of lint, so regular cleaning of a dryer vent is not an option; it’s a must.

Katy is one of the cities that we offer our services in and we would like to take care of your dryer vent cleaning needs. Will it be costly and a worthwhile investment? Yes, it is an investment worth your money as the dryer will be more efficient and waste less energy in getting the tasks done, which will pay for itself in energy costs in the long run.

It is not just efficiency that gets affected by lint accumulation. Unfortunately, this clogging of dryer vents causes over heating, so not only will your clothes take more time to dry, but it could also be the reason of a fire outbreak putting lives in danger. Fires caused due to dryer vents leads to death of many people and damages in millions of dollars per year.

But we are here trying to fight the good fight. We offer the people of Katy our services to get their cleaning done regularly and with a guarantee that it will leave them happy and satisfied. Each section of the dryer vent is cleaned separately before enjoining all the parts and making sure everything is in pristine and perfect condition.

Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians use the latest state of the art equipments to clean your dryer vents regardless of what size and model it is. A thorough inspection is carried out and a well detailed procedure is carried out to make sure the entire dryer vent is free of any blockage and accumulations.

Your decision to get your dryer vents cleaned will make your dryer more efficient, and cut your energy costs and minimize your risks. It is your satisfaction and happiness that we pursue as a team and giving you a service that we can be proud of is our guarantee to you.

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