April 1st, 2019

Several studies claim that exposure to air pollution whether for a short span of time or longer, can have negative impact on our heart and lungs and our brain as well. It has been estimated that approximately 3 million deaths have been registered due to air-pollution every year. This has led the cities to introduce policies aimed at reducing urban air pollution.

However, the implementation of policies need time and more and more bicyclist and pedestrians are choosing to wear the Anti-Pollution Mask which claims to reduce the risk and help in preserving the health says cleaning exerts in Pearland TX 77581.

Risks and Reduction

Air pollution is made of gases and particles. The gases consist of ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, sulphur dioxide, and chemicals known as volatile organic compounds. Apart from gases, the fine particles have a negative health impact, especially the ones under 2.5 microns in size.

The pertinent question is whether the facemask is effective in preventing or reducing the exposure to air pollution. The answer to this question is that the ability to limit the exposure depends on the type of pollutant. The masks have a protection factor which means the percentage of a pollutant that the masks do not remove. The paper masks are mostly useless. HEPA filter masks can be effective in limiting the exposure to fine particles. N95 masks can also be helpful. While they don’t remove the harmful gases, they can be combined with features such as activated charcoal which reduces exposure to gases.

What Does the Research Say?

There are only a few studies on the ability of masks to reduce air pollution. According to a study in China, when wearing the N95 mask, the blood pressure was lower than before while walking in centre of Beijing. Also, in participants with heart diseases, the blood and oxygen flow was better when wearing the N95 mask.


For some people, wearing face masks can be difficult and uncomfortable. Also, we spend most of our times indoors so installing a good air purifier can be effective in maintaining good health.

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