August 22nd, 2017

To be sure your heating and HVAC systems run smoothly this fall and winter, it is important to have clean air ducts. This is especially true during the coldest months when the outdoor temperature plummets and you spend more time inside your home.

Why Air Duct Cleaning?

Soiled air ducts can lead to several problematic situations:

  • Obstructed air flow: Duct cleaning is a must when air ducts become so filled with dirt and debris that some areas become clogged. Blocked ducts cause inefficient air flow and the system must work extra hard to circulate the air, raising energy costs.

  • Lesser quality air: Dirty air ducts can pollute the indoor air you breathe every day. The accumulated debris can get circulated out into your home. This is the air you and your family breathe—you may be inhaling contaminants on a regular basis. For people living with serious respiratory conditions like asthma, COPD, or emphysema, this is of increased concern.

  • Possible fire concern: This is a problem is less likely than the previous situations, but sometimes debris stores can burn when temperatures in the system rise. Accumulated dust and lint particles are a common culprit. Over time, dust and lint builds up inside your air ducts and can be flammable when the furnace gets started. On rare occasions, this type of debris can cause a fire. More often, you may experience a burning smell throughout the dwelling.

Air duct cleaning needs to be performed on a regular schedule to avoid any of these potential problems. When it comes to HVAC, heating systems, and duct cleaning, it is not wise to think, out of sight, out of mind. Don’t let air duct cleaning costs deter you from maintaining your system. This is an important step in preparing your home for the cold weather and protecting you and your family’s health and safety.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Do some research and contact an air duct cleaner you can trust. Ask around to find out which duct cleaning services are the best. Look for NADCA membership and a positive BBB standing. If you are happy with their reputation and past work, schedule your duct cleaning. Having clean air ducts in time for fall or winter should be a top priority to help keep your home functioning properly all year.

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