April 24th, 2017

Before you schedule a professional air duct cleaning in your home, take some time to do preliminary research. It is common knowledge that air duct cleaning is necessary to reduce allergies and improve how well the central air system operates. Hiring duct cleaning professionals to help decrease the symptoms of spring allergies can help! Dirt, dust and other pollutants enter the home from cleaning, smoking, cooking outdoors, comings and goings, etc. A thorough air duct cleaning can prevent these pollutants from entering the ducts and recirculating throughout the home.

When to Hire Air Duct Cleaning Professionals

If you suffer from year-round allergies or spring allergies, you shouldn’t avoid air duct cleaning. Duct cleaning can provide you with peace of mind. In addition, there are several situations where you should invest in air duct cleaning:

  • You can clearly see mold growth inside air ducts or other HVAC components.
  • Excessive amounts of dirt, dust or debris have accumulated. This typically happens during times when remodeling is being done or other types of construction.
  • Small animals or bugs are gathering or nesting in your air ducts. If you see this happening, you also need to contact an exterminator.

Cleaning Air Ducts to Improve HVAC Efficacy

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, air duct cleaning will not improve HVAC efficacy. Although, some homeowners have experienced significant improvement in air quality and air flow and a reduction in their energy costs in their homes after a professional cleaning. NADCA suggests air duct cleaning about every 3-5 years to help extend the life of your HVAC and optimize its performance.

What to Look for In an Air Duct Cleaning Provider

The EPA states that an air duct cleaning provider should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Open doors and all access ports so the entire system can be inspected and cleaned.
  • Inspect every part of the system prior to cleaning to make sure there is no asbestos present in your HVAC system. If material containing asbestos are uncovered, special cleaning will be needed.
  • Use HEPA cleaning equipment that exhausts outside of the interior of the home.
  • Drape protective covers over the furnishings and carpets during air duct cleaning.
  • Sweep duct surfaces with well-controlled brushes in conjunction with the vacuum cleaning.
  • Exclusively use soft-bristled brushes on fiberglass-lined ducts and fiberglass duct board.
  • Re-install airtight access holes and sealing to protect ductwork.
  • Maintain standards set for air duct cleaning by NADCA.

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