June 1st, 2019

A dirty carpet shouldn’t be neglected as it not only destroys the appearance of the design but can also lead to health hazards. The carpet easily accumulates hundreds of germs, dirt, and bacteria over the period of time. However, if you maintain your carpet well, it can only last for about 10 years. So when you are cleaning it, make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Not Cleaning Your Carpet Regularly

You can prevent your carpet from retaining dirt if you clean it at least once a week says service experts in Pearland. Vacuuming the carpet in crisscross pattern and cleaning the vacuum’s radiators and baseboards once a month is essential. If your carpet smells weird, you can put a small amount of baking soda in the vacuum bag as.

Not Cleaning A Spill Immediately

It’s one of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes committed by people. When you don’t clean the spill immediately, the liquid settles deep into the fibers of your carpet. You lose the chance to completely remove the dried stain. It can often lead to the next common mistake which is scrubbing the carpet.

Scrubbing To Clean A Stain

Instead of removing the stain, scrubbing makes it harder to clean the carpet as it sets the liquid deeper into the carpet material. Apart from that, rubbing the stain with a towel will only lead to discoloration and damage the carpet. In case of a spill, the effective solution is to dab at it with an absorbent cloth as this will soak up all the remnants and remove signs of spill from the carpet.

Using The Wrong Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are good for your carpet and using a wrong product can develop the stain on the carpet instead of removing it. If you have a small piece of your carpet, cut it out and test any new cleaning product before using it on the entire carpet. If you don’t have a piece, take the unnoticeable part of the carpet for testing.

These handy tips have proven to be effective in keeping the carpet fresh and clean.

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