June 8th, 2016

One of the messy inconveniences that many furry pet lovers endure is dog hair. If you have dogs and cats it can be overwhelming, especially at springtime. It gets on everything from floors to shelves.
You wear it on your clothing and brush against it on your furniture. It clings very well to certain upholstery fabrics and can be tough to vacuum up. Also, not all lint brushes and pet hair remover devices do the job efficiently. This list should prove helpful in your plight to eradicate dog hair, or at least get it under control.

How to get dog hair off clothes

  • A sticky roller is rather cheap and simple to use. This staple is best suited for small areas, like spot cleaning your clothing. If you use it on a whole living room furniture set, that will take quite a few adhesive sheets. It would be necessary to keep tearing them off and discarding. Over time, you would be buying a lot of replacement rolls. However, there is also a reusable sticky roller option.

  • Pet hair removal mitts do a great job of removing dog hair from fabric surfaces and they are very affordable. They have soft, small bumps that lift up pet hair effortlessly. They can also be used to get dog hair out of clothes. It won’t pull or cause snags.

How to get pet hair off of furniture

  • The grooming glove works as a pet grooming tool and dog hair remover. You can easily pet your dog or cat while wearing the glove. It will make your cat or dog’s fur hair very shiny. When done, with the same motion use it as a pet hair remover on furniture.

  • Another grooming/clean-up tool option, choose the FURemover Duo. This tool provides large bristles to comb through your animal’s coat and lifts away loose strands. The opposite side with finer bristles works well to remove pet hair from upholstery.

  • Pledge makes a top rated FabricSweeper that consists of dual rollers that life and trap fur. The handheld device can be emptied out each time you use it. It is available is most stores or online. This tool is designed to clean up cushions and pillows.

Best vacuum or broom for dog hair removal

  • A rubber broom, like the FURemover sweeper, will gather a large amount of dog hair. It works well on a variety of floor surfaces, such as carpets, hardwood or tile. This tool is the best broom for dog hair removal. It has a long handle that will allow you to use work the fur strands out of fibrous rugs while standing. The FURemover sweeper can also be used as a multi-purpose scrubber to wash your car or bathroom tile.

  • The Dyson animal vacuum cleaner is the queen of all pet hair remover tools. It offers the most powerful suction along with a bag-less canister. One of its best features is the tangle-free turbine tool that extracts pet hair, dust, and dirt from upholstery and carpets.

  • The king of all dog hair remover vacuums is the Furminator. It is powerful, efficient and compact. It is worth the price. The Furminator manages pet hair by removing loose fur from the undercoat. It prevents stray dog hair from flying around and landing on your household surfaces. When used the right way, it can eliminate excess fur mess and lessen the need for all of the other items previously mentioned.

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