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Carpets are the backbone of luxury in any household. Not only do they add a sense of sophistication, they hold an appeal that is both long-lasting and effective. However, carpet material can be hard to take care of on a daily basis.

Portrait of housewife who is fed up of cleaning

Five ways to keep your carpet clean include the following:

Learn what remove which stains
Carpets are sensitive and require different chemicals to remove different sorts of stains. For example, club soda can remove wine and beer stains, ice cubes help eliminate chewing gums, shaving cream can be applied for general stains, etc. It’s a good idea to learn these beforehand before doing anything else.

Blotting and dabbing
Always blot, never rub. This can’t be emphasized enough. Forceful rubbing of the carpet ruins the fabric and makes the stain worse. Hence, for quick stain removals, either blot or dab using a sponge or paper towel to soak up liquids, rather than wiping them off.

Regular vacuuming
This is obvious, since regular cleaning will always lead to a clean carpet. Be sure to suction vacuum for leftovers, sands and dusts that may be left on the carpet. A beater bar can clean heavier dirt, while natural wool can stick particles on the surface, allowing easier hygiene maintenance.

Heat wax
Getting candle stuck to the carpet can result in a sticky situation. To clean this up, you need to iron the carpet by placing a white towel over the affected area and applying heat over there. The iron heats up the waxy surface area and makes it easy to simply scrape it off later on. It is important to note how this shouldn’t be done more than 30 seconds in one go, unless you want a burned carpet.

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