August 22nd, 2016

Keeping frequently trampled, well-lived in areas clean and tidy may seem near impossible. Yet, so many folks appear to know how to maintain a neat house, even with people actively living in it. We often refer to this segment of the population as neat freaks, but maybe they are not all obsessed with cleaning, they just have a good system.


Keep your living areas cleaner much longer

To keep your high traffic, living areas cleaner longerby considering the tips below. These methods will make clean-up time more effective so it won’t be such a daunting task:

  • Floors:More than 80 percent of all dirt in a home is tracked in from outside. Place a doormat made of firm, bristled material, like Astroturf, in front of your door. This will encourage visitors and residents to wipe their feet before entering the house, and leave dirt outdoors where it belongs. Wet and muddy shoes should stay outside as well.

To prevent gouges in floors from furniture, try slicing wine corks into thin disks and gluing them to the bottoms of such areas as chair and table legs. Stick on felt pads work well too. Dust tends to settle in these floor grooves and eventually becomes hard to clean grime.

  • Furniture: Place dusting clothes in readily available spots all over your living spaces so you can easily grab one and clear away dust as you see it. Also, choose patterned designs over solid upholstery fabric, it does a better job of concealing dust and dirt.

Wipe down your pets with a sponge, special pet wipe or microfiber cloth every day to reduce dander build-up on upholstery.

  • Wall décor: Wear cotton gloves to rearrange artwork on your walls. Fingertips have natural oils that can seep out onto paintings and cause damage over time.

  • Lights: Every week mist some room deodorizer on each lightbulb. Only squirt bulbs that are not in use and have cooled down. Move back about a foot or more away to be sure no moisture enters the socket. The fresh scent will be activated the next time you turn on the light.

  • Walls: Leave about six inches between the wall and your furniture to reduce smudges that results from bumping. It is also much easier to dust around the corners.

  • Window treatments: Curtains, blinds and shades can be opened and closed to displace settled dust from the fabric instead of allowing it to accumulate and sit. When the debris hits the floor, simply lift it up with a dust mop.

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