August 14th, 2015


It is a universal truth that house cleaning is a burdensome task. Whether it be a casual rearrangement of items or a full blown spring cleaning, this particular chore can prove to be difficult more often than not. Since the inception of households, mankind has struggled to discover ways to clean their homes in the quickest and easiest ways possible. However, few realize that some methods, such as the ones stated below, can significantly reduce the amount of cleaning if followed perfectly.

  • Keep yourself organized

Before you aim to even touch your precious belongings, keep yourself organized. Always think if you are making a mess or not and adjust yourself accordingly. While this may seem like an obvious step, it is definitely the most crucial one, since an unorganized mind is unable to clean effectively. In fact, if you can keep yourself organized at all times, there might not be any mess to clean anyway!

  • Assign specific locations to specific items

Everyone has their own role in society. The same applies to household objects. A sensible house owner should always keep lots of spaces for storage, as well as utilizing the spaces to store items accordingly. For example, keep dishes and spoons in the utensil cabinet, not lying around on your bed after a hefty TV dinner.

  • Do not procrastinate

“Procrastination is the thief of all time, collar him!” – Charles Dickens (in his novel “David Copperfield”)
To be slothful is a sin. Don’t leave dishes lying on the kitchen sink, waiting for tomorrow to come so you can trudge yourself to clean them up. Instead, trudge yourself now and clean the dishes, now! Being lazy and not cleaning on time can give birth to excessive grime and make your household filled with unwanted germs.

  • Use sanitizers. Plenty of them

Sanitizers are your best friend when house cleaning is considered. Before cooking, washing or touching anything organic, wash your hands thoroughly and wipe using sanitizers. A practice in sterilization helps in eliminating diseases in the long run, and greatly lessens the cleaning load you would face later on.

  • Consistent pet care

If you have animals running around the house, things will get dirtier at double the rate. Thus, before cleaning your house, clean your pet. Potty train your beloved beast and tame it so it doesn’t cause a ruckus. Even then, they might act on their own, but you must always be wary of minimizing their damage.

  • Save money for repairs

Despite the best of efforts, accidents can happen anytime. So, always leave aside a generous portion of your savings so you can invest in future repairs. The need for good repairmen is always there, but since they can be expensive at times, you need to be plan ahead and be careful.

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