August 12th, 2015

It will surprise people to know that home ventilation was around before human civilization. Even in the prehistoric era, cavemen preferred to build homes in caves (hence their name) so there could be proper air flow around the home. Of course, they never thought that far ahead, but their instincts allowed them to create home ventilation anyway.

The importance of home ventilation

Why is home ventilation important? First and foremost, a home without ventilation is an unhealthy place to live. Especially for family houses, ventilation is needed to keep away unwanted germs and keep the breathing air fresh and uncontaminated. Smells left behind from cooking or waste are carried outside thanks to ventilation as well. Best of all, the entire process is quite natural; just set up the proper system and let Mother Nature’s air do the job, essentially saving your life in the process.

Ventilation also controls moisture. During humid seasons, the air gets thick and people sweat. There is a lot of leftover water that keeps things damp and unclean. With proper ventilation, walls and floors will not collect excess moisture, and the wooden structures will remain dry. This is a saving grace for wood and metal, since they tend to get ruined due to uncontrollable wetness. In this way, mold is prevented as well, which is another major health hazard that is found commonly at homes.

The importance of home ventilation

The importance of home ventilation also lies in the methods applied to create the ventilation. Homes that chose a natural style of ventilation has small gaps and cracks in windows and doors so air can flow in and out easily. While this may seem like a problem during windy weathers, in general, this type of ventilation sustains an optimum temperature for the household pretty efficiently.

Other homes tend to use the spot airflow method, which is simply the installation of exhaust fans that can control the flow of the air to an extent. Keeping these fans at the holes in the walls, especially in bathrooms and kitchens which tend to have a lot of fumes, easily helps the house in getting rid of harmful gases and keep the air clean.

Finally, air ducts are a decent choice to consider for modern homes. By this mechanical system, the air flow will be effectively managed to flow freely throughout your home, with various ways in which the air can be set afterwards. While the exhaust and supply push out and brings in air respectively, a balanced setting that can somewhat perform both of these duties. Air ducts have been proven to be the best form of home ventilation.

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