November 4th, 2015
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There is no denying that bathrooms get dirtier than any other rooms in a household. That being said, a mindful house owner should always stay wary of how their bathrooms are maintained on a regular basis. This includes sustaining good hygiene and maintaining the vital elements that make up a bathroom.


  • Shower

Showers are the boundary between the ceiling and your reach, so it’s no wonder it is susceptible to dirt. To properly clean it, wrap the showerhead nozzle in a plastic bag that is filled with white vinegar. After about a night, the intense soaking along with a good rinse will remove a lot of germs. Take the curtains for a spin in the washing machine. Detergents work wonders here. The doors can be cleaned by white vinegar too, this time distilled, applied directly.

  • Grout

Grouts are found in the miniscule corners between the tiles, and dirt tends to get stuck there quite easily. To wipe it off, take a floor brush and dip in bleach. Keep scrubbing the areas of the grout where the color seems a bit off. This will stop any and all bacteria growth, and sealing the grouts twice every year would halt moisture infiltration.

  • Ceilings and Walls

Ceilings and walls can be cleaned by the bathroom itself. Spray the areas with a liquid cleaner and use the steam shower of the bath to react with the cleaner fluid and cleanse the whole room inside out. After about a half an hour of doing so, use a cloth to wipe the surfaces. It is important to not use a soap here since it might leave microscopic organisms behind. For a more lasting hygiene, apply wax on the tiles to renew their condition.

  • Ventilation Fan

Care needs to be applied here. Switch off the electricity, remove the cover and drown it in a bucket filled with a solution of warm dish soap water. Use a nozzle pipe to wipe the leftover slime on the blades, and gently wipe with a cloth. There are certain corners that cannot be reached without a brush, so use a long cleaner and vacuum up the remaining.

  • Toilet

Baking soda is perhaps the best thing for cleaning toilets. Let the soda sit on the pan for some time, and flush after a thorough brushing. This should be enough, but the toilet brush should be cleaned as well, after every use, in fact. Warm soap water can, once again, save your time.

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