December 28th, 2017

How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet
Clean up after a party is a huge headache. Cleaning up after any party is a headache, but a holiday party is doubly so since so many decorations need to be properly put away since they are reused each year. However, cleaning up after the holidays can be a great way to deep clean, organize and get the new year started right.

Throw Out Disposable Decorations

Many people simply don’t know where to start when cleaning, but some ways to quickly clean up involve removing anything disposable. Paper products, cheap plastic decorations, gingerbread houses… anything that can’t be saved for next year is the first to go.

Store Holiday Decorations in Boxes

Now that the disposable items are gone, it is time to store your savable decorations carefully. Be sure to organize by weight, so you do not accidentally crush delicate ornaments with a heavy tree stand. Use bubble wrap, cotton, muslin cloth or other materials to wrap and ensure delicate items are protected. Always use heavy-duty storage boxes that can protect against heat and leaks in the attic or cold and floods in the basement.

Clean the Kitchen Thoroughly

With the amount of cooking, baking and socializing that happened in the kitchen, there is guaranteed to be cookie crumbs and other debris hiding in every corner. Start with the kitchen and give it a thorough top to bottom cleaning. Maybe save a few Christmas cookies as a reward for a job well done.

Sweep Up Trifles from The Floor

There are guaranteed to be a plethora of small pieces of plastic, glitter, confetti, ribbon debris, pine needles and who knows what else on the floor. Get into all the crevasses by the floorboards to make sure you get all of it up. Otherwise, you will be finding stray pine needles all the way until the Fourth of July!

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