December 16th, 2018

Keeping the floors of your home in good condition is one of the quickest ways to create a bright, attractive, and healthy atmosphere. The key to managing this is having the right tools and the right support from qualified professionals, such as the team at Service Express in Pearland, TX. With their help, and regular maintenance, you and your family can enjoy a clean, beautiful home.

Find the right vacuum cleaner

Not all vacuum cleaners are the same – each have their own capabilities and specialties. A vacuum that comes with rotating brushes and high suction power is designed to clean through the dense fibers of a thick carpet while a brush head that has short, stiff bristles is more suited for cleaning hardwood floors without scratching them. The size, weight, and style of a vacuum should also be considered when getting a vacuum. A heavy-duty upright vacuum is best for more frequent and longer cleaning jobs while a more lightweight vacuum is better for those who need to clean smaller spaces.

Make use of DIY floor cleaners if you’re in a pinch (but only if you can find the right one)

It does happen – you/re ready to clean your floors but then find that you’re out of floor cleaner. In situations like that, DIY floor cleaners can work fine. Just make sure to spot test any solution you’ve made before using it all over; not doing so could result in, at the very least, still-dirty floors or, at worst, damaged floors. Also, be sure not to rely on DIY cleaning solutions – an occasional mopping with a DIY solution is ok, but remember that professional solutions will be better for your floors because they are specially formulated.

When to use DIY carpet cleaning

If your carpets don’t get too much traffic and aren’t showing traffic patterns or have ground-in dirt, a rented carpet cleaner should be enough to get them clean. It also helps if you do this every few months. However, if it has been a year or more since the last time your carpet was cleaned, or if the carpet sees considerable traffic (such as near an entryway), a rental unit will not be as useful as you’d need it to be. Additionally, when you use a rented unit, it’s important to be knowledgeable of all the details of how to properly clean a carpet – using enough solution, the right solution, and making enough vacuum passes are all things you need to be aware of to be sure that your carpet really does get clean.

For larger jobs or just for the peace of mind of knowing that the job has been done right, it’s best to call a qualified carpet cleaning specialist. Service Express is proud to serve the families of Pearland, TX in keeping their homes clean.

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