April 22nd, 2016

Have you encountered an unpleasant aroma emanating from your dishwasher? Do you cringe when you open up your refrigerator and you get a whiff of a pungent odor? If your washing machine smells like rotten eggs, rest assured, smelly appliances are a common household concern.
If you’re often asking yourself, “what’s that smell?” You need to change your course of action. Here are some easy ways to freshen things up and remedy those foul odors.

Cleaning dishwasher smell

Chances are, if your dishwasher is smelly, food is probably trapped in the filter. Newer models tend to include a removable filter in the base of the tub. It should come out smoothly with one easy turn. This problem can be remedied by soaking the piece in soapy water and rinsing thoroughly. It will also help to run a normal cycle with baking soda tossed across the floor of the dishwasher.

How to clean a front loading washing machine with baking soda

This is particularly a problem for front loading models. They use less water than top loading washers. This requires the use of a high efficiency detergent. Without it the result will be a lingering residue that clings to the inner drum. This is a nice place for mold and mildew to flourish.

The best solution is a combination of baking soda and water in the detergent container and a couple of cups of white vinegar poured into the drum before running a cycle. It is also helpful to prevent unpleasant odor from developing by keep the door slightly open when the machine is not being used.

Use a vacuum to clean your dryer

A common cause of dryer odor is damp lint stuck in the vent. The easiest way to eradicate this smell is to take the vent out of the dryer and vacuum away all lint and debris. Odor can also be caused by jamming too many items in the dry at once. This allows dampness to stay in the drum for an extended amount of time, encouraging bacteria growth.

Throw away leftover food promptly

Usually the source of bad smells in a refrigerator is food that has gone rotten. The simple solution here is simply to clean out your refrigerator regularly. Don’t wait until you have an abundance of decay sitting on the shelves. Thoroughly clean your refrigerator by removing all items and wash it with white vinegar and water.

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