April 30th, 2018

Why Should You Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are a huge long-term investment in a home, but not cleaning them regularly can greatly reduce their shelf life.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Carpet cleaning: Common Mistakes Made

Cleaning seems so simple on paper, but there are actually a ton of factors that go into keeping your carpet clean and germ-free. A common issue that occurs is when people end up Using Excess Shampoo since they think it will make sure that it gets clean, but the leftover build up can actually become a dirt magnet! Over Wetting is another huge problem, since the extra water not being absorbed can lead to mold and mildew problems. At home and DIY methods are also not as effective as the materials used by professionals. DIY solutions can actually cause additional Staining problems due to inconsistencies.

There are so many things that can go wrong when cleaning your homes’ carpets that could you’re your investment. Take the stress off of your shoulders and reach out to a team of pros that will use Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods to make sure your carpets are perfectly cleaned.

Carpet protection treatments provided by professional cleaning services:

  • Stain removal – usually included in base costs, but some charge more for highly soiled areas. Always inquire about this before service begins.
  • Carpet pre-treatment – Helps to dissolve hard to clean materials like grease and oil.
  • Soil retardants – Many carpets are treated to shed water and spills, which makes cleaning easier.
  • Deodorizing and pet odor treatments – odor generated by carpets due to mold or urine can be eliminated with proper cleaning, and antimicrobial agents can fight the return of mildew or mold.
  • Antimicrobial treatment – prevents future bacteria from growing back which can help control odors and increase the shelf life of the carpet.
  • Anti-static treatment – usually via a humidifier, a raised humidity level can make static issues disappear.

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